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Hand Reared Sun Conure Parrots for sale

Very friendly who loves to be around you and love to receive many cuddles. Sun Conures are a loud bird so you need to be committed to the noise too.
Her wings have been clipped but she still has little flight. She will need to go to a home who is willing to spend alot of time with her and not have her sit in a cage for most of the days.
She means alot to me so im sad to see her have to leave. I am going through a few personal things atm so I cant unfortunately give her the time of the day that she deserves.
She will come with bag of food, and I have bought new toys for her to go with.
You will need to have a cage for her to go in as she is in an Avery here.
She also has a certificate of avian DNA sexing.


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