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Friendly Hyacinth Macaw Pair For Sale

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Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in)
Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs)
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females
Talking ABility: Yes

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Friendly Hyacinth Macaw Pair For SALE!.

sweet males and females Hyacinth Macaw Parrots ready for Sale
Hyacinth Macaw Parrots for sale. Very well socialized. Vet checked and micro chipped. Health and medical certificates from our vet. DNA sexed unrelated male/female. Great talkers. They whistle, sing and respond to voice commands.

The Blue and Gold Macaw available for sale at our shop is one of the most attractive huge parrots. It is a sweet solidified and also affectionate parrot, and also has one of the very best throughout individualizes of the big Macaws. This bird makes a fantastic friend for a single person. However it is friendly with every person, including various other birds, when it’s well mingled. Although some Macaws are one-person type birds, the Blue and Gold is right in the house in a family type situation also.

This big parrot is also sometimes called the Blue as well as Yellow Macaw, or you might find a bigger variant from Bolivia called the Bolivian Blue as well as Gold Macaw. The Bolivian range is identified by its larger dimension as well as its coloring. On all these Macaws the shades are lively, however the Bolivian has more of a true blue rather than the teal blue seen in the ordinary Blue and Gold. They all share the exact same fantastic individuality and qualities.

Bima, seen aware above, is a hand-fed Blue and also Gold Macaw. He initially involved us at the age of regarding 2 months and then promptly ended up being everybody’s favored, as is common for a Blue as well as Gold Macaw!

Treatment and also Feeding
In the wild, the majority of macaws, consisting of blue-and-gold macaws, eat a variety of seeds, plant material, fruits, and also nuts. The wild macaw’s diet often tends to be high in fat, which serves for a bird that invests its day flying with the rain forest, discovering food, nesting, and also rearing chicks.

Friend macaws are lucky to have a lot easier life than their wild equivalents, however they lose out on the capacity to forage for their food, a behavior that comes naturally. Macaws, including blue-and-gold macaws, thrive on a nutritionally well balanced diet, such as lafeber’s Nutri-Berries and Lafeber’s Costs Daily Diet regimen Pellets, in addition to fresh fruits and also veggies and also healthy table foods.

If a blue-and-gold macaw continues to be healthy and balanced, it can live upwards of 65-70 years. This is a bird that will certainly be with you for a life time, and also you ought to plan for this possibility, which might even include a trust fund or a stipulation in your Will certainly devoted to the bird.

Adaptive to setting, Blue and gold macaw
Heaven as well as Gold Macaw is very adaptive. Whatever setting they remain in, it becomes rather regular for them. If they are about many people, they will certainly accept lots of people. When well trained and socialized, Blue as well as Gold Macaws appreciate joining all sorts of exterior and also public tasks with their owners. We’ve seen them attending public festivals on their owners arms. One lady regularly took her Macaw with her to Western line dancing classes. Another woman would take her Blue as well as Gold horseback riding with her. There are bird leashes offered so you can take your feathered good friend any place you go, and also they simply adapt. They ride well in an auto on a bird safety seat.

This is a dynamic, lively bird that enjoys to play, climb up, and interact. They require a couple of hrs a day outside a cage to be delighted. Blue and Gold Macaw’s are eager learners. They can be shown a variety of tricks as well as they are regularly seen in pet behavior acts. They are likewise among the very best talking of the Macaws as well as can find out about 15 to 20 words or expressions. Yet like all Macaws this parrot has a loud phone call, as well as it might be quite vocal at times.

Heaven and also Gold is just one of the most easily offered of the large Macaws. They are also one of the least costly Macaws to buy. But like all Macaws, they do need great socialization and also regular training to make great pet dogs. They bond really carefully with their people. They are very affectionate, as well as will want your attention on a regular basis.


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