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                 Trained Cockatoo Parrot for sale. All species.

We have Cockatoo parrot babies, young and adult Cockatoo parrots of different species or different types of Cockatoo for sale now. health guaranteed and DNA sexed.

  • Name: N/A
  • Species: Cockatoo Parrots
  • Ad Type: For Sale
  • Sex: Male & Female
  • Age: Babies,Young, Adult
  • Size: Small, Medium
    Price: from $900 up
    Shipping fee: $150 ( home delivery service )
    Characteristics: Companion, Cute, Exotic, Hand fed, House Trained, Pet, Playful, Rare, Singing, Talking, Tame


What do you expect from your Cockatoo?

 When you bring one home, you anticipate him to be a “snuggle bug,” have speaking capacity, be smart, friendly, and also offer you unconditional love and also companionship. This is what you want as well as this is what you can have. You require to treat your Cockatoo the very same when you first obtain him as you would a year from currently. They are highly intelligent animals who can provide you much pleasure as well as fun, but at the same time can be loud and also create you disappointment otherwise dealt with effectively and ruined too much. They will enjoy you like no other. Any type of family members, neighbors, as well as also strangers will be able to come over and family pet the bird. They like that. Larger Cockatoos crave a bit extra petting than the smaller ones, yet the smaller ones will certainly still take as long as you can give. This is why you will need for the entire household to be able to pet the bird. They bond extremely highly to their proprietor. In my experience, the larger ones are a little bit more flexible when it involves strange individuals. Smaller ones can be a bit nervous otherwise interacted socially correctly.


Cockatoos are one of one of the most preferred birds as pet dogs in the Parrot family. They are gorgeous birds possessing striking chatting capacities. Cockatoos are extremely lovely, loving, and social creatures, depicting an intelligent, lively, curious, as well as enchanting self. We are a medium sized breeding center which specializes primarily in raring Cockaatoo Parrots. We do our best to manage and tame our children so you get a family member. Birds are discouraged onto Zupreem Naturals/fruit mix and All birds at our center are tested against Polyoma, PBFD, Bird Borna Infection and also relying on varieties we additionally examination for psitticosis (bird chlymidia).

1 review for Cockatoo Parrots For Sale With Cage

  1. Mandy Donaldson

    I bought my first pair of Cockatoo parrots and I am completely in love with them! they are now 1 year old, love toy ! Exactly what our family needed and fits in perfectly, so greatful to have them. A huge thank you to Macaw Birds Now! Slow communication is a thumb down for me , overall it was a good buy.

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